Welcome to Amigo Compras! – Bienvenidos a Amigo Compras!

Amigo Compras is AmigoLatino’s new shopping channel, providing our customers with convenient access to the best deals from the leading retailers in the U.S. and Latin America. Through our dedicated shopping assistants, customers will find the latest deals on the best products and services for the home and the family.

Through Amigo Compras, AmigoLatino also strives to democratize the benefits and savings of e-commerce, to those that are new to the Internet or simply do not have convenient access to it. As a result, customers can conveniently interact in person with one of our shopping assistants at any of our AmigoLatino centers, to help them with their all of their shopping needs. Moreover, AmigoLatino can also assist with the payment and delivery of products whenever customers are not comfortable or do not have the proper payment vehicles to purchase online.

Amigo Compras